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Fishing (angling) is the most participated sport in the UK

Although a rod license (from Post Offices) allows you to fish National rivers and waters the venues are normally owned or run by private individuals or clubs where a fee will be required to fish these venues.

Fishing does not have to be an expensive sport but now technology is ever changing so is the sport and the tools of the sport.

The old stick, string, hooks and jam jar are now superseded  by carbon rods, bait runner reels, electronic bite alarms, monkey climbers, special baits, bed chairs, bivvies etc. etc.

With all the changes it's still a relief to be able to disappear for a couple of hours or a couple of days to fish.

Sometimes depending on what fish you aim to catch. The long moments of nothing happening then the float sinks or the buzzer sounds or the quiver moves you strike and you could be on for a mad excited, hard adrenaline rush of trying to control a double figure carp, a healthy barbel or a early summer fat tench. Storming off like a steam train for deep water then the reeds, then the sunken tree then deep water again until with your skill sturdy tackle and patience you see the specimen slow and drop into the landing net.

To be weighed, photographed and returned to grow bigger and to fight another day..





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